How PSI-Pay Stole $100,000 From Me & Thousands From Others...

I, Alex Aleksandrovski, have been trying to pursue action against Psi- Pay Ltd ( to no avail. I want to be re-imbursed the $99,379 that has been illegally withheld from me since 2011.

Under the name Quicktender (other names associated are Ecocard and Chargestream), they were seized and shutdown by the DOJ. However, they kept my balance and this money was not taken by the DOJ. A couple months after being shutdown, they sent this amount in the form of a bank wire, but this money was reversed and taken back.

For the next few months I tried to provide them with different bank details, but getting in contact with them deemed impossible. In early December 2011, I was told I would not be seeing this money. Still, this company Psi-Pay Ltd is still doing business in the United Kingdom and includes companies such as Ecopayz. I am also not the only one affected by this fraud, as there a few other individuals with much smaller balances. 

I have been told by John Daw that I'm never going to see my money again. I have attached numerous documents and information that give full details on this unfortunate situation. I will do anything to try and to get my money back. Please contact me if you can help!



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If needed as a resource, this is a thread with over 1600 posts concerning this situation. There is countless information regarding the sequence of events covering Psi-Pay’s web of lies and deceitful actions by its managers:


PHIL DAVIES, Managing Director

TONY DAVIS, Finance Director


ALAN STUBBS, Head of Compliance and Risk 





Phil Davies

John Daw - CROOK

John Daw - CROOK

John Daw - THIEF

John Daw - THIEF

Here is a screenshot of my Quicktender balance before the site was shut down.